Ferrous Sulphate
In Bangladesh

Ferrous Sulphate

We are processing two categories of Ferrous Sulphate, which are Ferrous Sulphate (Monohydrate/feed grade) and Ferrous Sulphate (heptahydrate). These are formulated with high quality raw material and ensure high effectiveness. These are supplied to varied industries such as fertilizer industry, paper industry, pharmacy industry, chemical industry and food industry.

We offer premium quality Ferrous Sulphate to our clients. The Ferrous Sulphate is offered in custom requirements at reasonable rates. Also, the product is shipped promptly without delays.

Ferrous Sulphate (Monohydrate) :

• FeSO4.H2O : Fe30.0%, Pb0.0020%, As 0.0002%
• Fineness (pass420m) : 95% min
• Appearance : White Grey powder

Ferrous Sulphate (Heptahydrate) : 

• FeSO4.7H2O : Fe18.5%, Pb0.0020%, As 0.0002%
• Appearance : Cyan crystal


Ferrous Sulphate has many wide applications is used as a nutritional supplement, colorant, in horticulture, as a protective anti-corrosion coating, in gold refining, in water purification and in the treatment of wooden panels.