TMT 15% | Organic Sulfides


TMT Heavy Metal Remover

TMT Heavy Metal Remover also known as Organic Sulfides TMT is the abbreviation of 1, 3, 5-triazine-2, 4, 6-triathione sodium salt, which is effective heavy metal trapping agent and macromolecular curing ingredient.


Organic sulfide TMT or TMT Heavy Metal Remover is a heavy metal remover can be at room temperature, and the waste water mercury, aluminum, copper, cadmium, nickel, manganese, zinc, chromium and other heavy metal ions rapid reaction of water-insoluble chelate quality precipitation, the whole process from the impact of salt water co-exist to adapt to a wide range of PH value and can be directly in the acidic environment. Sediment generated by easy aggregation, easy separation, dense texture.

After the solid-liquid separation, solid hard and then dissolved in the liquid residue of heavy metals are not etc., can replace imported organic sulfides TMT.


Appearance                 : Lliquid
Odour                            : Weak sulfide odor
Packing                        : 25kgs Plastic Drums / Jerrycans

For Reference:
Storage Sealing stored and avoid touching air. Do not add other liquid medicine and sundries.
Liquid medicine consumption: 1L heavy metal waste needs 1 ml drug solution.

Organic sulfides TMT heavy metal remover is produced by Germany Degussa Company. TMT  heavy metal ion settling agent (organic sulfur) can chelated into organic sulfide with many heavy metal ion.

This product is widely used in wet flue gas desulphurization coal-fired power plants and petrochemical wastewater treatment, electroplating plants, non-ferrous metal processing plants, battery manufacturing, mining & other heavy metals in wastewater treatment of serious exceeded.