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We are known as the Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters of Sodium Hypo Chlorite also known as liquid bleach, is used for water treatment and as disinfectant in swimming pools. InĀ HotelsĀ and public places it has wide application as cheap and effective disinfectant against all types of bacteria, fungi and viruses. Sodium hypochlorite is used in hospitals for disinfecting surfaces and surgical instruments. Being a good bleaching agent, large quantity of this product is consumed in laundry, coir and textile industry.


We manufacture various grades of Sodium Hypochlorite including customized requirements, Most popular grades are:

Sodium Hypochlorite Solution, 6% : containing 6% w/v Available Chlorine
Sodium Hypochlorite Solution, 8% : containing 8% w/v Available Chlorine
Sodium Hypochlorite Solution, 10% : containing 10% w/v Available Chlorine
Sodium Hypochlorite Solution, 12%: containing 12% w/v Available Chlorine


We also offer the material conforming to the requirements of:

1. IS : 11673-1992 Edition 2.3
2. Reagent Grade
3. Customized Available Chlorine content and other parameters of Free Alkali, Iron content etc.


Sodium Hypochlorite Solution is offered in various packages as per quantity required and packing specification.


Specification of Sodium Hypo Chlorite

Physical properties: Pale yellowish watery liquid with pungent Chlorine odour.
Chemical Formula: NaOCl
Strength: 10% Chlorine strength
pH : 11-13
Specific gravity: 1.15-1.20
Packing : 40 / 60 Kgs Jerrycans, 250 Kgs Drums, IBC Tankers


Domestic Packing Available
1. Tanker loads
2. 60 Kgs Jerrycans Packing
3. 40 Kgs Jerrycans Packing

Export Packing Available
1. 200 Kgs Drums,
2. 50 Kgs Drums
3. 1 MT IBC Container


We have Sodium Hypo Chlorite Strengths from 6% to 12% (Available Chlorine).